Friday, August 19, 2011

Review: ELF products

I know I know, it's been a while since I posted.  I am SO sorry, life has been super busy over the past two weeks, with my daughter starting kindergarten, me trying to find a job, 4 interviews, it's been hectic.  I am so sorry to have neglected you all.  I have to learn to balance my time better now that it's not me and my daughter home all day with no set schedule.

I wanted to do a review for you today of a few ELF products that I have.  ELF is available online at or most Targets also now carry ELF products.  However there is way more product on their website.  They also run a lot of good sales online where you can get stuff half off, and all sorts of other sales.  Their prices range from $1-$3 on their single items, then they also have some bigger makeup sets that cost from $5-$100+.  I have tried quite a few of their products and for the most part you really can't beat it for the price.  Some things obviously aren't going to be perfect but you really can't go wrong at $1.  So I have lots of products by them that I want to review for you guys but for today I am going to just review three of them.

So the first one is the blushing and contour duo, now this is supposed to be a dupe for NARS orgasm/laguna duo.  However since I have never used the NARS one I can't really compare.  I do however know that for $3, I absolutely LOVE this product!  It is my everyday go to bronzer and blush when I don't feel like going through all my blushes to pick one out.  Both colors have great pay off.  The bronzer is the perfect shade, not too dark, for my skin tone.  The blush can either be a sheer wash of color on the cheeks, or you can build it up to be more intense, it also has a bit of shimmer in it.  The color lasts on your face for hours, so you don't have to worry about it fading either.

The next product I have, is the eyebrow kit in medium.  It comes with a gel eyebrow color on the left, and a powder on the right, it also comes with a crappy little brush but I threw that away.  When I first bought it I thought that the left would be way too dark and the right way too light, but thought why not try it for a couple bucks.  So I tried it and fell in love.  They are both the perfect shades when added together, and the powder is a lot darker than what it appears to be.  I first fill in my brows with the gel side and then I always set it with the powder, using an angled brush like shown in the picture.  This is better than any brow pencil or eyeshadow I have ever used to fill in my brows.  It gives them the perfect color, fullness, and it lasts all day!  I really recommend this if you have dark brown brows.

The last product that I have to review for you is the makeup mist and set.  Makeup setting sprays can be really expensive, although they are very worth it to me.  They give your skin a dewy finish, take away any powdery mess you have going on, and make your foundation set all day long.  So when I saw ELF's version I just had to try it.  Unfortunately I didn't love this one.  The sprayer on the bottle is TERRIBLE.  It sprays out fast, hard, and in a huge concentration.  In no way is it even thinking about being a mist.  It just sprays a huge wet spot on your face, in one area.  Your face ends up way to wet and it defeats the purpose of a "setting mist".  It does give you a dewy finish, but way too wet and I didn't really notice that my makeup lasted longer with this one.

So out of these products two are a hit and one is a miss, really not too bad at all for the price.  I will have more reviews on ELF products coming up for you guys, there are more I love and a few not so much!!  :)


  1. I absolutely love the bronzer in the ELF Blush &Bronzer. I use it to contour! Great blog!

  2. nice review, bronzer looks lovely

  3. I got the blusher and bronze duo and I really like it and for the price you can't complain at all it's lovely.


  4. I really want to try the blush/contour duo. Is it longlasting?