Sunday, July 17, 2011

Review: Tokidoki Brush Set

I wanted to do a review for you on my favorite eye brushes.  I got the Tokidoki eye brush set from Sephora  back in March, and I absolutely adore it.

You get three brushes in this set for $35 which is very reasonable.  For good quality brushes like MAC you can spend upwards of $35 a brush.  These brush set is perfect for creating any eye look.  You have all the brushes you need in this one set.

You have a crease/blending brush.  This brush is my favorite of the three.  It is small enough where you can get a pretty precise line in the crease, but also fluffy and soft enough to really blend out those crease colors.

You also get a basic eyeshadow brush.  You can use this to pack color onto the lid, use it for your highlight color on the brow, or even highlight on the inner eye.

You also get an angled brush.  This brush can be used for eyebrows, eyeliner, color under your eye, or even used to build a cut crease.

The thing I love about these brushes besides the obvious adorable factor, is how soft they are.  The aren't scratchy or hard.  They also haven't shed on me at all since I got them.  They do a very good job for what they are designed to do.  Two downsides are, since the brushes are white they do get stained by eyeshadows as you can tell  by my pictures, but that is with all white bristled brushes.  The other downside is due to the design of the brush they are a little heavier than your typical eye brush, but this doesn't really bother me.

You can pick this set up online or at your local sephora.


  1. Those brushes are super cute! Always better than plain brushes imo ;) x

  2. wow, for $35 you say? Not a bad deal at all!

  3. Those brushes are incredibly adorable!

  4. I LOVE these brushes! They are too cute and for $35; not bad!!