Thursday, September 22, 2011

Face Painting

Man I am really sucking at this lately you guys, I am really sorry!  I meant to make a post on my birchbox this month but I haven't even gotten to taking pictures of it yet, and I have been using some of the stuff.  I am going to give birchbox one more month and I may cancel it, because honestly I haven't been that impressed with my first two boxes, I am holding off to see if the next one will be amazing since these two were a miss.

So I have been working a lot lately and thats why I have really been slacking, but I wanted to make a post to show you guys what I have been up to the past few days, it is a new hobby of mine and I am having SO much fun with it.  It started with a trip to the halloween store and I saw face paint, and thought I would give it a go on my daughter, and it turned into an obsession.  I didn't like the paint I got at the halloween store so I went and bought some better sets at Michaels and have been playing around with them, they are a lot better than the halloween store kind.

So my first attempt was this butterfly, I really like the way it came out, especially for my first attempt at face painting.

Then I decided I would try practicing a pirate look.  Arrrrr Matey!

Those were all with my original grease paint makeup, that I didn't like and she rubbed off in two minutes.  The next stuff I bought at Michael's dries almost immediately and stays put, much better!  She went to bed last night and I really wanted to try out the new paints, so I just started going to town on my hand and arm, I ended up with a half sleeve pretty much.

Today we decided to try a princess look.  I am not as happy with the way this one came out, she wasn't in a very sit still patient kind of mood so I messed up a few times and just had to go with the flow, but it was still fun!

So anyway, I am totally sorry for being a terrible blogger lately, I am trying to balance this new schedule with working, and kindergarten, it's difficult.  But, I hope you enjoyed the face painting, I am really enjoying having fun with it!


  1. Since face painting and makeup are a lot alike, you are great at both! (it also doesn't hurt that you have such a cute model!)

  2. Awesome! Face painting is a great way to make some extra cash. She is so cute